Affiliate Programs You Can Believe In

reputable affiliate programs shouldn't be hard to find

Most affiliate marketers utilize a website with a blog in order to get web traffic through search engine results. However, you could also be a YouTuber, streamer, or social media influencer and be an effective affiliate marketer. Note that some affiliate programs specify what platforms you can use, and many require a blog somewhat related to the products or services that they offer.
Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?
While at first glance, affiliate marketing may seem sketchy, it is not. Affiliate programs essentially make you a salesperson for a merchant, but there is no risk involved. Pyramid schemes force you to buy a large quantity of physical product, or sign up for expensive classes. Affiliate marketing is completely free, and since you’re just referring your website visitors to a company’s website, you have nothing to do with the actual sales or shipping process.
Most experts suggest having no more than three affiliate programs associated with a single website. If you want a program to be successful, you may want to focus your efforts rather than try to divide and conquer. We recommend starting with just one program and getting comfortable with it, rather than starting many at once. Some affiliate programs also bar you from signing up for other similar programs that fall into their niche, to avoid competition.
How much does affiliate marketing cost?
Almost all affiliate marketing programs are completely free to join. Some might even award you a sign-on bonus. It does not cost companies anything to start an affiliate program so be wary of any that charge you. You might spend some money upfront on a website service and domain name, however.
How does affiliate marketing work?
Affiliate marketing essentially makes you a salesperson for another company, with no risk involved! You receive a personalized link from a merchant, and when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase from the merchant, you will receive a percentage of the sale value, or a flat rate, as a sales commission. Affiliate marketing works best if you have a blog or social media platform where you can attract an audience.