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How can I increase my email open rates?

A lot of things factor into achieving a higher email open rate, and it is often more of an art than a science. Your subject line should be engaging and enticing. Focus on things like benefits, urgency, and calls to action. Try to catch people’s interest with questions or offers. Personalization often helps as well, so try including the customer’s name in the subject line. Even though they might know it’s from a company and not a person directly, that level of personalization makes a big impact psychologically. Some email platforms will let you test subject lines side-by-side, sending a portion of your emails with each before deciding on a “winner” based on open rates. Then the winning subject line will be used for the rest of the email. This practice is called A/B testing. Lastly, be clear and honest about what’s in your email. Make sure the subject line is honest, even if you do hype up the contents a bit.

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