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Is social media marketing effective?

Yes. But only if you use it right. Social media is a constantly changing landscape and many companies get left behind if they can’t keep up. Social media is most effective as a marketing platform when you create original and creative content that people love to interact with. It’s not enough to share your own products every day, you also must provide something of value to get people to follow you, and to keep them there. In fact, as much as 80% of your posts should be not directly related to your products. Your content should focus on educating or empowering your audience, otherwise they have no real reason to spend time looking at or engaging with your social media posts. What is apparent is that every company should be on social media. Many users will search out a social media profile for support before they look for a website, so it’s imperative to be present on at least one platform, and check for messages often. Don’t expect to get instant sales from social media followers. Social media is a slow-growing marketing method that is designed to keep you on the minds of your followers, so that they might make a purchase later.

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