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What content should affiliate marketers create?

Your affiliate marketing website can take many forms, and they are all viable! The most common way is a blog. Blogs can be about pretty much anything you want to write about, and allow you as the affiliate marketer to use your personal experience to educate. Blogs are often educational and informational. Think of articles that start with “How to…” or “Top 10…”. These are great bases for blogs. If you focus on a variety of products, you can also write reviews. But not every blog post has to be a sales pitch. Think of a recipe blog. It might have affiliate links used in a subtle way - when talking about the ingredients, the writer may talk about their favorite brand of eggs and provide an affiliate link to the website for the brand. Don’t forget to post on social media, too. Beyond just linking to your articles, you can write social media posts about specific products and why you like them.

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