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What to write on your About Us Pages

About Us pages are great tools for sharing some of your company’s background. Whether for a potential customer or a SEO algorithm, a great About Us page can help with your website's online visibility. We’ve compiled several ideas and tips so you can create an effective About Us page for your website. Your story A majority of About Us pages from relatively newer websites we’ve visited share a... read more
Bill Condor

How to choose an affiliate program

Picking out the best affiliate programs to use for your website can be quite daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled the best tricks and tips to help you choose which affiliate programs suit your platform best. Know your audience This first one might seem obvious but it is often overlooked especially on websites that are just starting out. “Knowing your audience”, to put it simply, is placing... read more
Bill Condor

9 Affiliate Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Earn More Money

Affiliate marketing has the potential to be very profitable for those that participate in it, but not everyone finds strategies that work for them. As an affiliate marketer, it is your duty to help companies sell products. The more efficient you are, the more money you earn. However, not everyone can be successful from day one – today we’re going to help you with the strategies you need to bec... read more
Mason Lindblad

8 Useful Tips to Grow Your Instagram in 2021

Since 2019, organic reach on Instagram has been declining consistently, a study from Trust Insight shows. In 2020, they analyzed 3,637 brands on Instagram and observed that in only 6 months, the engagement rate dropped by 33%. Fear not, though! You still have the possibility to increase organic engagement and fight the algorithm. We compiled 8 tips and tricks which you can apply to remain relevant... read more
Mason Lindblad

The Different Types of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a broad field, and one that encompasses a lot of types of people. But through our research and experience we have noticed a few categories of affiliate marketers on the internet. Here in this blog, we’ll be covering the types of affiliate marketers and what resources they should seek out to improve their success online. The Mom While this type of affiliate marketer does no... read more
Mason Lindblad

Learn SEO Basics in 5 Minutes

If you’ve been looking into how to make a great blog online, you have probably come across the term SEO. This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is an incredibly important part of running a website and writing a blog. In this blog, we’ll delve into exactly what search engine optimization is and how you can get started using it. Why is SEO Important? Search Engine Optimization h... read more
Mason Lindblad

4 Innovative Ways to Make Money Online

Here at Grivio, we like to promote any way to make money online the legit way. While we actively promote affiliate marketing, we’re going to cover several other ways that you can make money online by selling items you have around, and sharing your stories. Sell used clothing Giving away your old clothing is always a noble cause, but you can make some money by selling your clothing online. Use si... read more
Mason Lindblad

Empathy: The Key to Writing Compelling Blogs

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and being able to understand what they are feeling and thinking. As you may be able to surmise, having empathy is generally a positive thing that helps you get along with and understand others better. And when it comes to writing, empathy allows you to engage with your readers on a level that cannot be achieved if you’re just writing ... read more
Mason Lindblad

How to Create Trackable Links, and Why You Should

Being able to attribute a traffic source on the internet is essential for any marketer who cares about data. Having trackable links means you can determine how people are finding your pages if you don't have access to analytics from something like Google Analytics. A trackable link is usually referred to as a UTM link or a link that has UTM parameters. UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, but yo... read more
Mason Lindblad

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing has been around almost as long as online blogs have, as a great way for bloggers to make money and for companies to make more sales. For those looking to make money online, affiliate marketing is an attractive opportunity, but everyone has questions that need to be answered. In this guide, we’ll be covering the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works. Step 0: Build a P... read more
Mason Lindblad
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