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3 Great Ways to Make Money Online

3 Great Ways to Make Money Online

Mason Lindblad

It's 2020, and the world is digital. Millions of people make money without ever having to leave the house, or without having to rely on a regular full-time job. These digital nomads are role models for plenty of people who want a little more financial freedom in their lives, and the opportunity to make money online. There are plenty of scams out there that claim to help you make money online, but we're going to cover three fun ways you can do it, without getting ripped off!


If you have a useful skill like marketing, graphic design, accounting, or anything else you can do from your computer at home, you may be able to find a freelancing opportunity online. Freelancing is contract-based work in which you are not an employee of your client, and you will not always have a guaranteed 40-hour workweek off of one contract. On sites like Fiverr and Upwork, you can find one-off odd jobs like designing a logo, or long-term contracts as someone’s accountant, and everything in between.

The best part about freelancing is that you can supplement other things like a full-time job. Flexible hours and different types of contracts mean that you can work whenever and however you like.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to flex your work muscles in a variety of ways. Basically, affiliate marketing makes you an online salesperson for a company. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about phone calls or door-to-door traveling. You’ll receive a custom link tied to your account, and you can promote that link on your website or whatever platform you operate on.

It’s simple enough, but requires an audience who trusts you enough to follow your links. Engaging in affiliate marketing will utilize your skills in website building, social media, writing, search engine optimization, and community growth.

Sometimes it can be a way to monetize an already-existing website or blog, but there’s nothing wrong with starting fresh, picking a niche topic of interest, and building your audience from scratch.

Grivio actually has a database of vetted and trustworthy affiliate programs that you can sign up for today!

Flipping Items

Flipping used items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist can be a fun and satisfying side gig for making money online. Flipping is when you purchase an item and then sell it for a profit. You can do this by getting a good deal on an item, or by refurbishing an item and selling it for more.

This works great for things like computers, because you can purchase individual used parts and then assemble them into a full PC. Flipping clothing is also popular, on sites like Depop. This can be a challenging but rewarding way to make money online, but you’ll be stuck with a lot of shipping logistics, or time spent meeting people to pick up local deals.

There are certainly other ways to make money online, but we at Grivio think these are some of the most rewarding and most straightforward ways to do so. Obviously you can do other things, like monetize a YouTube channel, but that usually takes time and effort to build up. These three methods can be started immediately, assuming you have a few basic skills you can use.

Good luck with the grind!