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8 Useful Tips to Grow Your Instagram in 2021

8 Useful Tips to Grow Your Instagram in 2021

Mason Lindblad

Since 2019, organic reach on Instagram has been declining consistently, a study from Trust Insight shows. In 2020, they analyzed 3,637 brands on Instagram and observed that in only 6 months, the engagement rate dropped by 33%.

Fear not, though! You still have the possibility to increase organic engagement and fight the algorithm. We compiled 8 tips and tricks which you can apply to remain relevant for your followers.

1. Post More

Yes, it’s general advice, and you’ve probably heard this from all kinds of Instagram gurus, but the truth is that being consistent is an essential step in growing and maintaining organic engagement. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and don’t stress too much about it. Create a content calendar to mark which days you’re supposed to post, or schedule them in advance when you have the time.

2. Use Stories

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t post as often as you’d like, then Stories will help a lot. These slices of life can give a massive advantage, because when someone opens the app, Stories are the first thing they see – and if yours is recent, it will be shown first. Be as creative as possible in your Stories; create polls, engage with your followers, use Boomerang to create an interesting effect, and more. You can also link a newly created post in a Story, so that more people will see it.

3. Be Creative with Reels

Reels are like Instagram’s version of Tik Tok. A lot of big companies have had success using this feature to trickle video content to followers and engage in a new way. Before using Instagram Reels, you have to think about your audience and if this type of content suits them. If it does, it may be worth it to apply these short-form videos to your Instagram strategy.

4. Create Posts That Your Followers Will Save

We all know that likes and comments make a post more visible and show up higher in feeds and the Explore page. Keep that in mind, but also consider focusing on the Save button, because it has recently gained value on Instagram. When a lot of people save your post, Instagram will understand that it’s quality content, and will show it to more users. Instagram wants to deliver content that people want to see, and saving a post proves that it’s something users want to look at again and again.

5. Write Longer Descriptions

It’s easy to post a photo with a short sentence or two, then wait for the likes and comments to roll in. However, engagement and discoverability are more likely when you write longer text. This should be relevant to your audience and tell a story if possible. The micro-blogging phenomenon is growing and Instagram is no longer just a platform for pictures of cats and food. Thus, it’s just as important to write great captions as it is to take great photos.

6. Go Live

There is no proof that the Instagram algorithm favor livestreams, but going live will help you to appear first when users open the app. Plus, your followers will be notified every time you go live! Unlike on other platforms, Instagram livestreams don’t need a lot of preparation and work, because people expect unfiltered and true content.

7. Use Hashtags

Lately there has been some contention as to whether hashtags play a role in increasing visibility on the platform. While some marketers claim they don’t work, TrackMaven conducted a study that shows that posts with at least 7 hashtags have a higher engagement rate than those with fewer hashtags or none at all. The magic number of hashtags to maximize engagement is 9. We suggest you do some research before including hashtags in your posts, to find the best ones that aren’t used by too many other accounts and that are relevant to your content.

8. Comment on Other Pages

Commenting on other posts helps integrate you into the community and become more visible outside of your page. Users will see your comments and may be interested in visiting your profile as well. And the more likes and replies you comment has, the more people may be tempted to open your profile.