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The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Make Money with Your Website

The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Make Money with Your Website

Mason Lindblad

If you run a website, chances are that you pay a subscription to a hosting service in order to keep that website live. And plenty of those services have an affiliate program! Make some extra money on the side to help pay for that subscription with some of our favorite hosting affiliate programs.


BlueHost is a well-known hosting platform that specializes in WordPress hosting. They allow users to purchase domains as well, to keep everything with just one company. For each sale that you refer, you will receive a flat commission of $65. That’s not too shabby!

Learn more about BlueHost's affiliate program.


Kinsta, at least on paper, has some of the best earning potential of any hosting affiliate program we have in our library. Depending on the plan, you will receive between $50 and $500 of commission, which is a solid start. You will receive a 10% commission each month, for every month that a referral is subscribed. Kinsta boasts only a 4% churn rate, which means most of your referrals will keep giving you residual income.

Learn more about Kinsta's affiliate program.


Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service that makes the whole process easy. They offer 300% commission, meaning that you will receive commission equal to three months of the subscription you refer someone to. That’s not bad, and it's great if you would rather get money upfront than reap a smaller residual percentage of subscriptions like other hosting affiliate programs.

Learn more about Flywheel's affiliate program.


HostGator offers a variety of hosting services for personal and business uses. Their affiliate program scales with how many referrals you send their way, so you are rewarded for your performance! The base level is $65, which is a good start. But if you manage to refer 21 or more signups a month, you’ll make $125 per signup. Coupons and exclusive offers will help you make sales as well.

Learn more about HostGator's affiliate program.


JixHost has a high ceiling but a low floor, so take it with a grain of salt. Their lowest plan will net you a continuous $0.40 per month, but their highest plan will net you a whopping $196 per month! And of course there will be plenty in between those two values. This works out to 20% of the plan cost, which while lower than other hosting affiliate programs, is good for the fact that you receive a continuous commission each month.

Learn more about JixHost's affiliate program.