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How to choose an affiliate program

How to choose an affiliate program

Bill Condor

Picking out the best affiliate programs to use for your website can be quite daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled the best tricks and tips to help you choose which affiliate programs suit your platform best.

Know your audience

This first one might seem obvious but it is often overlooked especially on websites that are just starting out.

“Knowing your audience”, to put it simply, is placing yourself in your viewer’s shoes and asking questions such as “How would this website benefit me?” and “How would this website be worth my time and attention?”. Focus on the opportunities where you can be of value to your audience and your list of potential affiliate programs will begin to narrow down.

Early on in creating your website, you might’ve developed different personas that describe your target audience and readers. You can use these personas once again to realign your current affiliate marketing goals.

Quality over quantity

Once your website gets some traction, you can easily get lost in the different ways you can monetize your website’s presence. This leads to signing up for multiple affiliate programs and promoting products that don’t actually provide value to your followers.

To avoid this problem, you must go back to what matters most, your audience as well as their time and attention. By promoting valuable products and services, traffic and sale conversions through your affiliate programs will eventually follow.

Remember that one high-quality and trusted affiliate program will perform better than throwing a barrage of ads to your viewers. Ultimately, choosing quality over quantity may enhance your website credibility and viewership loyalty.

What you use

The best way to test if an affiliate program’s product does help your website’s visitors or not is to try it out yourself. Or better yet, why not promote a product that you are already using.

Either way, you're putting money where your mouth is and that gives you an opportunity to review and give feedback on that product which you may then share with your community. This might help your website not to appear scammy to new visitors as well as engage in discussions with your existing audience.

Must fit your niche

There might be some gray areas where you might need to ignore this one. However, in general, always make sure that the affiliate programs that you’re going to sign up for are well within your platform’s category.

Not only does this provide a coherent theme throughout your website but this might also mean the difference between a click and an ignore. For example, a travel blog that features some local delicacy can easily promote hotels, travel essentials, and flights but it would be unusual for the blog to sell cooking equipment even if it features food-related content.

Nonetheless, it is still up to you to decide whether the affiliate program does provide value for your community or not. Just be sure to consider the overall niche of your platform always.

Listen to your followers

Lastly, to verify whether you’ve made the right choice in choosing the best affiliate program for your website be sure to listen to what your community has to say. You can create surveys, listen to their feedback and reviews, or, in some instances, even give them free samples of the products so they can give their own insights.

In the end, your audience gives the final verdict whether the products you promote have benefitted them or not. So why not ask them directly yourself.

Through empathizing with your readers and prioritizing their time and attention, traffic to your affiliate links would organically follow. These may also work with other online platforms such as streaming channels and social media accounts so be sure to apply what you’ve learned so far to these platforms too.