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Should You Try a Product Before Becoming an Affiliate for it?

Should You Try a Product Before Becoming an Affiliate for it?

Mason Lindblad

You read the title - should you just become an affiliate marketer for anything and everything, or should you confirm that the product is something you want to put your name behind?

We think that you should definitely try a product before you promote it, and we’ll dive into why we think that way, but first let’s look at a counterargument.

Why You Might Not Want to Try a Product

If you’re an affiliate marketer, the goal is to make money by promoting products. And the truth of the matter is, you might not have the resources to buy one of every product that you want to become an affiliate for. On top of that, if you want to keep your options open, you may want to try dozens of different affiliate programs, and it would be a big task to sample something from each of those companies.

Some affiliate programs are also for big-ticket items. You probably don’t want to buy five new mattresses just to see if you want to become an affiliate for their manufacturers. In these cases of large volume or limited initial investment, then it makes sense to not try a product first. You can instead rely on the marketing materials given to you by the company when you enroll in their program.

Now onto some compelling reasons why you would want to try a product before becoming a public advocate for it.

People Will See You as More Genuine

Anyone can push a product, but it might seem disingenuous if it doesn’t seem like you even use it. But the power of being able to share that you use a product is a strong one. It doesn’t take much to fake this, of course, which we definitely can’t stop you from doing. However, if you can use a photo of yourself to show that you own and use a product or service, that goes a long way. It’s like the power of a celebrity endorsement, even if you might not be at Oprah levels of fame.

You Have Built-In Social Media Content

If you’re active on a visual platform like Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube, then trying out a product basically gives you free content. Testing out a new product or tool is an easy post, and it has the double benefit of making you appear more genuine, as we mentioned above. Imagine the clicks you’ll get if your followers see that you’re using something you’re promoting. It looks like you’re putting your money where your mouth is, and people love that.

You’ll Know the Product’s Quality

Companies do a great job of making something seem like the best thing ever invented. So you can’t know for sure if what you’re promoting is high quality unless you sample it yourself. You might come to regret it later, if everyone who buys that product through you breaks theirs in a month. You make out with the money and everyone else gets burned – that’s not a good look and people will see through it. Getting the product first covers your bases and protects you down the line. Your name will only be attached to products you actually believe in and can attest to.

You’ll Become a Better Salesperson

If you go to buy a car, do you really want the salesperson to just read off the spec sheet that you read online before coming to the dealership? No, probably not. That doesn’t add any value. But that is basically what you’re doing when you don’t try a product first! Trying the product gives you special insights that a spec sheet or existing marketing material might not. Maybe there are some unique or helpful features that didn’t make it into the promotional materials but is something that really makes that product stand out from the competition. That’s something that you can leverage when promoting it.

Hopefully we helped convince you that you should try products before promoting them as an affiliate (when it’s reasonable to do so). Luckily, Affiliatron makes it super-easy to find affiliate programs in the categories you already love. Use our search tool to find things you’re actually interested in and would love to buy anyways, and start making that side hustle work for you!