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What to write on your About Us Pages

What to write on your About Us Pages

Bill Condor

About Us pages are great tools for sharing some of your company’s background. Whether for a potential customer or a SEO algorithm, a great About Us page can help with your website's online visibility.

We’ve compiled several ideas and tips so you can create an effective About Us page for your website.

Your story

A majority of About Us pages from relatively newer websites we’ve visited share a little bit of the company’s history and how they’ve grown. By sharing your company’s background, you may connect with your audience through an easily relatable story of how you’ve started and have developed over the years. This gives your reader something they can relate to which may keep them interested with your brand.

Your values

Consumers have been known to support companies with strong core values that they can relate to. There are several ways to communicate your company values on your website. You can share the usual company missions, visions, and goals. On the other hand, you can also get creative and share more audience-specific values like your food website being vegan-friendly or your ecommerce store promoting the use of biodegradable materials for your products.

Your awards and figures

Your About Us page is also an excellent place to promote your company’s achievements. You might’ve won some contests that you’d want to highlight or you might have been featured on a well known award-giving committee within your niche. You can even advertise figures you’ve achieved such as number of clients, number of products sold or services offered, or even your annual revenue. An About Us page provides an opportunity to raise your credibility and authority to the reader and one great way to do this is through sharing your achievements.

Your team

Sharing information about the team members and their background is more common in new websites that have a relatively smaller team. However, some large companies are also using this to endorse their chief officers. Nonetheless, by exhibiting your team’s skill set and background, your reader’s view on the company’s reputation and credibility might also be improved. This might even boost your team’s morale.