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Fiverr is an online marketplace for finding talented freelancers to do writing, graphic design, and more.

When it comes to specialized tasks, hiring a freelancer is easier and more convenient than hiring a full-time employee. Fiverr is one of the premier places to find these talented individuals.

A Variety of Work

Fiverr’s marketplace covers a wide variety of creative, marketing, and business tasks. Programming, graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video & animation, music & audio, and more services can all be found on the platform.

Payment Protection

Fiverr guarantees payment protection that is beneficial to both freelancers and clients. Payment is only released to freelancers once clients approve the work, and payment is decided upfront, with most freelancers on Fiverr displaying their hourly rate or fixed cost for a job. No confusion for either side! In case there are issues, Fiverr also offers 24/7 support for clients and freelancers.

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Convenient for Small Businesses and Large Businesses

Freelancers keep small businesses thriving. For a one-person company or a small company with a direct focus may not always need someone to do copywriting or graphic design. But when you need those things, you don’t want to do it halfway. Fiverr lets small businesses stay flexible. Fiverr is good for large businesses as well, with Fiverr Pro, which lets businesses work with hand-picked professional freelancers.

Fiverr services start as low as $5!

At Grivio, we thrive off of the contributions of freelancers. We use Fiverr to find talented individuals who can assist us with writing, web design, and more. We prefer to find great freelancers and continue giving them consistent work.

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