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Affiliate Networks

Many affiliate programs outsource the management of affiliate marketing management to a third party. This is where networks come into play. Affiliate networks manage all of the tracking and reporting for a wide collection of companies with affiliate programs. They are a middleman between affiliates and companies. This is beneficial to companies because they don't have to set up a dedicated department to handle affiliates. It's beneficial to affiliate marketers as well, because they are able to sign up for additional affiliate programs while using the same account, dashboard, and tools. There are several major affiliate networks that manage the affiliate programs of the largest companies in the world.
35 Affiliate Programs
Since 2000, ShareASale has been one of the biggest affiliate networks. They focus on using fast and accurate technology, and being open and transparent with their affiliates.
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Founded in 2000, Awin drives growth regardless of the level of partner, boasting $901m paid to publishers last year and $12.2b in revenue to advertisers.
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Founded in 1998, CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest and largest networks, offering a data-driven approach to affiliate marketing. They are owned by Alliance Data, a Fortune 500 company.
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Avantlink works with both small and large organizations. Their mission is to always be improving beyond the competition and that quality is better than quantity.
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Operated by massive online retailer Rakuten, this affiliate network leverages the massive Rakuten network of resources for maximum impact for all parties.
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Pepperjam started from marketing jarred jam, but has since evolved into an affiliate platform. Unlike others, they take a boutique approach and favor personalization.